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Monday, August 29, 2016

Where Law & Justice Lose: Meet the Prejudicial Twin Falls Leaders Continuing to Protect Child Molesters, Not Their Disabled Female Prey

By Bethany Blankley

The Idaho government has recently publicized its policy of institutionalized protection of child molesters who prey on and teach others to abuse Down Syndrome (DS) children. Apparently, DS children and their parents aren’t believable. DS children make things up. They exaggerate. They don’t even understand what they are saying, and can’t talk like “normal people.”

Sexual abuse really isn’t sexual abuse because a DS child can’t prove she was assaulted, even when a perpetrator’s video recording does. Abuse isn’t abuse in Idaho especially when it’s a disabled female child or woman. (Sign the petition and help support her family.)

What happened on June 2 and August 8, 2016, evidence multiple crimes of varying levels of injustice.......To Read More....

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