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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hypocritical Democrat Cries Racism, Forgets Her Own History!

By Pamela Adams

Democrat Hillary Clinton continues to accuse Republican Donald Trump of racism for wanting to build a wall. Apparently Hillary forgot about the 325-mile “fence” her husband built in 1993 explicitly to keep out illegals. Not only did she strongly support Bill’s wall, as Senator she voted to extend funding to continue the wall.
This is no surprise as Democrats have always rewritten history to cover up their own bigotry, prejudice and hypocrisy.
Racism has infected the Democrat Party from it’s beginning.  President Andrew Jackson, the Father of the Democrat Party, allowed Georgia to seize millions of acres of Cherokee Indian land in violation of a Supreme Court Ruling. His administration oversaw the Trail of Tears that resulted in 4,000 Native American deaths.......To Read More...

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