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Monday, August 29, 2016

Remember When: Hillary Clinton Knocked Obama for Ties to Pay-for-Play Scandal!

By Philip Hodges

Back in 2008 – when Obama and Hillary were both running for President – Hillary criticized Obama’s dubious connections to a convicted money-launderer and fraudster Tony Resko who had his own political pay-to-play scheme. But Hillary and her campaign think that it’s totally ridiculous to even suggest that the Clinton Foundation has been anything other than a “life-saving” charitable organization run by the most self-sacrificing public servants in the world. To imply that somehow the foundation was being used as some sort of pay-to-play scheme is unconscionable.

The Associated Press reported recently that over half of all of then-Secretary Clinton’s meetings with private (non-government) individuals were Clinton Foundation donors. This revelation – at the very least – gives the impression that Hillary was granting access to herself and her political connections in exchange for sizable donations to her family’s foundation. But in response, Hillary simply emphasized the foundation’s supposed work in ending HIV and AIDS, and said that there’s “a lot of smoke” but “no fire.”......To Read More.....

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