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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Turks Are Back

By Norman A. Bailey

Almost a century after the Turks evacuated the Arab Middle East at the end of World War I, they are back. Not just with bombing or artillery fire, but a full-scale, old-fashioned invasion of Syria. This, just after dismissing or jailing a very large number of soldiers, sailors and airmen and about a third of the active-duty general officers, all accused of having supported the recent failed coup.

What can Turkey's President Recep Erdogan be trying to accomplish with this military action? Speculation swirls around the following possibilities: .....To Read More...

My Take - None of this is permanent.  The Turks don't have the financial wherewithal to maintain a long standing occupation of anyone, and the Trukish people don't have the will.  The Middle East is so seriously Balkanized only someone who isn't willing to be a brutal as the Ottoman Empire was with radicals can or will control it.  The Muslim world is a world of Medieval tribal societies with modern weapons, transportation and communication....all of which is fueled by oil profits.....all of which is dwindling due to fracking.  This is a world doomed by it's embrace of Islam.

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