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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Judge Cancels Elections in Ferguson-Florissant School District

If a federal judge can suspend elections for a school board, can other elections be suspended by the feds based on the Civil Rights Act?

Timothy Birdnow

Recently a federal judge ruled that the way the Ferguson-Florissant School District elects board members was biased against black people, and he ordered a suspension of elections until the district satisfied his demands for reform.

Here is the entire 119-page opinion.

Judge Rodney Sippel (who, by the way, was an aid to Dick Gephardt and was appointed by Bill Clinton) wrote a rambling opinion in which he ultimately concludes that, well, blacks are underrepresented on the board because of institutional racism and are victims of such unfair practices as not allowing felons to vote or making people register at an address.

He states:....... More

My Take - More evidence the federal judiciary is filled with political hacks who couldn't hold down a real job and it's time for a 28th amendment. 

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