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Friday, August 26, 2016

British MP on ISIS Genocide: 2-Year-Old Boy Killed, ‘Ground Into Meat and Fed to His Mother’

By Michael W. Chapman

During debate in the British House of Commons about the genocidal actions of the Islamic State (or Daesh), two Ministers of Parliament (MPs) recounted the testimony of a Yazidi girl who was kidnapped and raped, whose father and brother were killed in front of her, who witnessed a 9-year-old girl being raped to death, and who saw a 2-year-old boy killed, ground into meat, and then “fed to his mother who did not know what she was eating.”

The Yazidi girl, “Ekhlas,” who spoke with Members of Parliament behind closed doors on April 19, 2016, said the Daesh “killed the men and they took the girls” and “any girls over the age of nine were raped,” MP Natalie McGarry (Glasgow) repeated in her speech in the House of Commons. McGarry said she wrote down Ekhlas’s testimony, “took down her words directly.........

“She spoke of Christians being killed and tortured, and of children being beheaded in front of their parents,” recounted MP Bruce. “She showed us recent film footage of herself talking with mothers—more than one—who had seen their own children crucified.”

“Another woman had seen 250 children put through a dough kneader and burnt in an oven,” said Bruce. “The oldest was four years old.”.........‘They arm them, and they put them in front of their own parents and demand that they kill them. Listen to me. I am begging you. Listen to me, listen to what I am telling. Help us. I beg of you. Listen to me. Help the girls who are still in captivity. Let us all stand hand-in-hand and take a stand. This is a genocide against Christians, Yazidis, the Alidis and others.......To Read More.....

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