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Sunday, August 28, 2016

One year later, Congress still needs to reverse NLRB joint employer standard

Trey Kovacs

With economic recovery and job creation still hurting, Congress should make it a priority this September, when they are back in session, to take action against the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) joint employer standard, which upends long-established business relationships nationwide.

Specifically, Congress should add a provision to the spending bill for federal labor agencies that defunds enforcement of the NLRB ruling. Otherwise, the ruling will go far in deterring new job creation and beneficial business relationships.

Just a year ago, in August 2015, the NLRB decided to expand the instances when one employer is held liable for another employer’s labor violations and responsible for their bargaining responsibilities. In the Browning-Ferris decision, the NLRB overturned 30 years of precedent that determined when two companies are considered joint employers......To Read More...

My Take - Another good reason to eliminate the NLRB.....along with the Labor Department.

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