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Monday, August 29, 2016

Shocking! The New York Times says Hillary Clinton Must Answer Pay-to-Play Charges!

By Onan Coca

Surprise, surprise! Could the New York Times and CNN actually be attempting to hold Hillary Clinton responsible for some of her failings? On Thursday morning’s episode of CNN’s New Day, host Poppy Harlow asked New York Times veteran reporter Maggie Haberman about a recent interview that Hillary Clinton gave to CNN’s Anderson Cooper. During the interview Clinton utterly failed to offer any explanation to her Foundation’s twisted ties to the State Department or for her decision to continue operating the Foundation in the same manner she always has… even as so many problems are being uncovered. Haberman explains that Clinton is in trouble and that the Foundation may yet be what brings down the Clinton campaign for the White House.

CNN: No one is questioning the good work of the foundation, that they’re just not. But when she says, OK, the rules will need to change if I’m president, but they didn’t need to change when I was secretary of state. And then when Anderson pressed her on that, she said basically, well, I went above and beyond in 2009......To Read More...

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