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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Forgettable, Regrettable Republican Turncoats

David Hunter

"I want my chance to fail as miserably as the Mitt Romney campaign failed. Romney lost eight of nine swing states, won 6 percent of the black vote and only 27 percent of Hispanics. I want my chance to do as poorly." - Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump's new campaign manager, making light of establishment Republicans humiliating losses in the past two presidential elections.........This absolute tone deafness to the people’s suffering (under the disastrous Obama years) neatly explains the Trump phenomenon. So, their quiet support of Mrs. Clinton is no mystery.

To a person, these entrenched RINOs have forgotten their purpose as representative voices for average citizens. The Bushes, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan (and their entitled ilk) have been at the pinnacle of American political power. Unfortunately, by their collective behavior they are ingrates, demonstrating no honor or patriotism to our country when power is not within their greedy mitts. Instead, they nurse petty, personal beefs with Donald Trump rather than standing with the change-demanding electorate.

Thus, these “public servants” do only what’s good for them: America’s future be damned. And if Hillary Clinton is elected, it will be.  Full Story

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