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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Mugabe orders arrest of entire Zimbabwean Olympic team

No medals – 'We have wasted the country’s money on these rats we call athletes'
Nigerian Bulletin

President Robert Mugabe has ordered the arrest of the entire Zimbabwean Olympic team for failing to win a medal at the just concluded Rio 2016 Olympics, a report from NTA says. .....He added that, the money invested in the team to represent the country could have been used to provide amenities and build schools........Read more

My Take - Mugabe complaining about money being wasted is the pot calling the kettle black. He and his corrupt coterie have raped the nation, impoverished and brutalized the population and destroyed the economy. 

As one Zimbabwean citizen stated:

“When the country changed from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe, we were very excited,” one man, Kizita, told me in a village of mud-walled huts near this town in western Zimbabwe. “But we didn’t realize the ones we chased away were better and the ones we put in power would oppress us.”
“It would have been better if whites had continued to rule because the money would have continued to come,” added a neighbor, a 58-year-old farmer named Isaac. “It was better under Rhodesia. Then we could get jobs. Things were cheaper in stores. Now we have no money, no food.”

And these Olympians are arrested.  The world is insane!

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