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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August most violent month in Chicago in nearly 20 years

In the weeks since he was shot in the back, 10-year-old Tavon Tanner has undergone several operations to repair the damage from the bullet that tore through his small body and remains lodged between his shoulder and his chest.   The fifth-grader is still in the hospital and still in pain, according to his mother Mellanie Washington.  He doesn't talk as much and cries more often.  Sometimes he'll ask if police have arrested the person who shot him.
"I tell him they will soon," Washington said. "They will."  No one was in custody as of Monday......To Read More....

My Take - Let me think.....Chicago is another city turning disastrous that's been controlled forever by what political group?  And then there's this city - Baltimore reaches 200 homicides with man's fatal stabbing - and that city has been controlled by what political entity? Must be the KKK.   Right?  Saaaayyyy.....that reminds me.  Who was the KKK's Exalted Cyclops who served in the Senate for 57 years?  And who was it he was seen kissing Amazing!   

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