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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Non-Religious Fundamentalists

Secular and socially-liberal Americans are blasting the French burkini bans. Yet when it comes to spreading "tolerance" here, will we get the message?

France's recent crackdown on a garment known as the "burkini," popular among Muslim women who want to remain modest while enjoying a swim, has accrued ample criticism from all over the world this week. But it's just one example of a wave of non-religious fundamentalism, in which the allegedly patriarchal print of Islam and other faiths must be destroyed by the righteous benevolence of public officials.

In Germany this week, a Muslim woman was fired from her government internship when she refused to remove her headscarf. In Tajikistan, a country long hostile to Islam, some officials have begun keeping lists of women who sport hijabs, the traditional head-covering worn by Muslim girls and women. "The country's staunchly secular authoritarian government disapproves of attire or grooming that would suggest supposedly radical Islamic beliefs," reports The Washington Post......To Read More....

My Take - Strange article, strange conclusions, but clearly demonstrates the problem with any concept of a stable leftist moral foundation.  They act as they see fit based on immediacy, not any real sense of right or wrong. 

Islam is forcing the West to accept their standards of living everywhere in the world they can get away with it.  Europe is now in the throes of that take over.  But when western standards are imposed - the left screams it's tyranny! 

Yet, if Islamists weren't trying to subvert western culture this wouldn't have been an issue and the French wouldn't have imposed this restriction.  This is a reaction based on the actions of Islamists. 

We need to get this.  Islam is antithetical to everything westerners believe.  Islam is a nightmare everywhere in the world where it holds sway.  Islam is the most socially destructive force the planet has ever known.  And the western left is embracing it.  Which goes to show how amazingly stupid and insane the left really is.  If Sharia is imposed in western lands the left will be the first to be obliterated. 

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