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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What's Wrong With The Middle East?

By Rich Kozlovich

Yesterday this free article, "Uzbekistan: Where Clans Clash" appeared at the Stratfor news site commenting about the passing "of President Islam Karimov", saying "Uzbekistan now moves to the delicate task of selecting its second-ever president."

For those who've read about how the Middle East functions, and these ex-Soviet countries are an extended part of the Middle East,  simply because they share the same problems with religion, politics and cultural paradigms. In short - they're all Mediaeval tribal societies with modern weapons, communications and transportation. But they're still Mediaeval tribal societies culturally.

The author notes, since President Islam Karimov died this "nation" will have to pick - for the first time in modern history - a new leader. Karimov was a Soviet puppet and has ruled these people for all of these years just like the dictator he was, and now - how do they decide who's in charge since there's no legitimate electoral process? It's all about clans - or if you will - tribes.

The author goes on to say:
Uzbek society, like the societies of most countries in Central Asia, is divided sharply along clan lines. The most prominent Uzbek clans are the Tashkent, the Samarkand and the Fergana, though four smaller clans — Jizzakh, Kashkadarya, Khorezm and Karakalpak — have a notable presence in the country. In recent years, members of the Fergana clan have been systematically removed from positions of power, leaving members of the Tashkent and the Samarkand to compete for power.

One tribe is completely left out of the process, which is normal and typical of these societies. We need to understand there's no parallel in the world - and I include much of Europe - that is equal to American concepts of self government.

We foolishly believe if we just explain how we do it they will all see the value of our system, become enlightened, and jump right into it. It can't be done. A society develops a cultural history and pattern of life that's not capable of being unhinged by mere explanations. For any change to occur in these Muslim dominated societies it must be imposed by force, just as was done by the Soviet Union and the Ottoman Empire.

And when those two empires were dumped on the ash heap of history - all those tribes and clans reverted right back to their cultural foundations - Mediaeval tribal societies with modern weapons, communication and transportation. It's been said the habits of a lifetime are as strong as life itself, and that's true of the cultural habits of societies covering the habits of centuries.

Furthermore, as long as these societies are followers of Islam they can't be educated, or 'enlightened' to western values. Sharia is antithetical to everything the West stands for and represents. For them to become 'enlightened' would require them to abandon Islam, and that's not possible in these nations since the Koran requires all converts be put to death.

Occam's Razor states the simplest explanation is probably the correct one. I find that's usually right!  And the answer as to what's wrong with the Middle East?  Everything!

So, unless someone is willing to destroy Islam - the only hope in dealing with these people is to keep them poor, isolated and unarmed. We really need to get past our delusions and see things foundationally and with a seriously self interested eye.

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