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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Vermont’s Pride Goeth Before Its Self-Destruction

North Carolina may not survive this slap in the face.

John Calvin

In the early part of my professional career I worked for a minor league sports team in Vermont, and recently had the opportunity to pass through Vermont for the first time in two decades. What struck me is that Vermont, then and now, is blessed with beautiful geography and picturesque small towns. On the surface it would appear that Vermont, cold winters and all, would be a great place to live and raise a family. Young Vermonters, however, feel otherwise as they are fleeing the state like it was on fire, and the older generation is dying out quicker than the next generation can be born.

If you’re asking yourself what in the name of Bernie Sanders is going on, and struggle to understand why the state can’t keep residents, look no further than an incident involving the University of Vermont women’s basketball team as a clue. It is illustrative of how liberalism is slowly strangling the vitality and hope out of its residents............As it is, the University of Vermont is struggling to get students from Vermont to attend. Last year the University reported that only 20 percent of incoming freshmen are state residents, which is down from 35% just a decade earlier.

 Part of the reason locals don’t want to attend UVM is that they have witnessed throughout their lives the University’s extreme leftwing antics and don’t want their time and money wasted or be subjected to nonsense like the three-day event UVM sponsored last fall called “Examining White Privilege: A Retreat for Undergraduate Students Who Self-Identify as White.”

I mean, why would a college-age Vermonter want to go out of state and maybe actually learn something and pass up the opportunity to discuss, as the brochure assures, such stimulating topics as “What does it mean to be white? How does whiteness impact you?”.......Between political correctness and tax and spend policies, Vermont is self-destructing.......To Read More

My Take - I've always wondered how a loon like Bernie Sanders could be re-elected so many times.  Now I know.  The state is an insane asylum. 

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