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Sunday, August 28, 2016

After 50 years of Democrat race baiting is GOP finally wising up?

'If they stay on defense they're going to have their heads handed to them'

.....“It’s part of the Democrat playbook and quite frankly there are basically two issues that Democrats have used as long as I can remember to win elections,” Viguerie said. “They invariably bring these out particularly if they feel threatened, and that is they play the race card and they play the senior card, saying ‘oh the Republicans are going to throw grandpa out in the snow,’ so they’ve made a pretty good living over the decades by doing this.”.......“I don’t fault the Democrats so much on that as I do the Republicans because you know they’re gonna do that, they have done it for my 55 years in politics, but it’s the weak Republican response that allows them to do that,” he said. “Trump is speaking about race relations but in a way that is not always resonating. Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan are of course silent........“They get almost into a fetal position.....and they get their head handed to them”.........

Peterson said the city of Gary, Indiana, “was once a beautiful place to live, full of all sorts of businesses, people were working, crime was low, and as soon as the first black mayor took office all hell broke loose, blacks started attacking whites, and now even descent black people are afraid to walk the streets. Look at Detroit, Milwaukee, wherever black liberal Democrats have taken control they’ve gone to hell.”...........

Another prominent black American, Alveda King, said she has not endorsed Trump but does not believe he is a racist. She said he is speaking the hard truth about America’s inner cities.

Dr. Alveda King“For the last several decades many of our urban centers have been ruled and controlled by the Democratic Party and yet the crime rate is very high in those cities, the school dropout rate is terrible, the abortion rates are very high, so if they are under the leadership of the Democratic Party why are blacks suffering under their regime?” King said. “When they asked [Trump] about race he said if everyone is working and has good healthcare, safe streets, then people do better. Everything he said about our community is true. Hillary said Trump’s message is ‘Let America hate again,’ but I think it’s about ‘let America work again.’ And it’s truthful to say people of America’s urban centers need to be able to work, to be healthy, to go to church, and do community service and not live in fear."..........Read more

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