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Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Truth Is Finally Bringing Down the Green Curtain. Is It Treason To Continue To Support Their Fradulent Schemes?

Benny Peiser's Global Warming Policy Foundation Reports The UK Government Fast-Tracks Fracking Drive While Barack Obama Conducts a Silent War On Oil And Gas

All Out For Shale, UK Government Fast-Tracks Fracking Drive - The fracking industry has had a shot in the arm as the government puts local councils on notice that ministers will step in to override any “slow and confused” decisions on shale drilling applications. A fast-track process taking effect from Thursday means the communities secretary will for the first time systematically assess all shale oil and gas applications to make sure councils rule on them quickly. If [local councils] delay rulings or repeatedly knock back drilling applications that ministers deem reasonable, they will risk the communities secretary stepping in to overrule them. --Pilita Clark and Andrew Bounds, Financial Times, 13 August 2015

Faster Decision Making On Shale Gas For Economic Growth And Energy Security - We need more secure, home grown energy supplies – and shale gas must play a part in that. To ensure we get this [shale] industry up and running we can’t have a planning system that sees applications dragged out for months, or even years on end. We now need, above all else, a system that delivers timely planning decisions and works effectively for local people and developers. –Amber Rudd, Energy and Climate Change Secretary, Department of Energy and Climate Change, 13 August 2015

Green Madness: Freeze On Fracking Could Cost Scots Hundreds Of Millions - Scotland could lose out on hundreds of millions of pounds of investment in a shale energy boom after the UK government announced yesterday that it would fast-track fracking proposals. Greg Clark, the UK communities secretary, said that the Westminster government intended to go “all out for shale” by actively considering “calling in” any application for shale gas exploration and extraction from councils, bypassing local opposition. The Scottish Conservatives warned last night that the delay could damage the Scottish economy, with significant planned investment in the fledgling industry going instead to England. --Mike Wade & Paris Gourtsoyannis, The Times, 13 August 2015

Barack Obama’s Silent War On Oil And Gas - President Barack Obama’s enemies have long accused him of waging a “war on coal.” But a very different war on oil and gas is coming next. The newest phase of Obama’s environmental agenda has the oil and natural gas industry in its crosshairs, with plans to curb greenhouse gas pollution from rigs and refineries, tighten oversight of drilling on public lands and impose a strict ozone limit that industry lobbyists slam as “the most expensive regulation ever.” --Elana Schor, Politico, 14 August 2015
Matt Ridley: The Green Scare Problem - Making dire predictions is what environmental groups do for a living, and it’s a competitive market, so they exaggerate. Virtually every environmental threat of the past few decades has been greatly exaggerated at some point. Pesticides were not causing a cancer epidemic, as Rachel Carson claimed in her 1962 book “Silent Spring”; acid rain was not devastating German forests, as the Green Party in that country said in the 1980s; the ozone hole was not making rabbits and salmon blind, as Al Gore warned in the 1990s. Yet taking precautionary action against pesticides, acid rain and ozone thinning proved manageable, so maybe not much harm was done. --Matt Ridley, The Wall Street Journal, 14 August 2015

Lawrence Solomon: Anglosphere Cools On Global Warming - The same virtues that allowed Anglo-exceptionalism to flourish is leading the way again in the greatest environmental controversy of our age, as evidenced by the Anglosphere’s flirtation with, then rejection of, the global warming orthodoxy. The Anglosphere is special, driven by inquiring minds that ever-question received wisdom. That spirit, supreme in the world for centuries, has repeatedly delivered us from harms and guided us to better places. The global warming orthodoxy is but one example of the Anglosphere’s ability to peer through the murk, recognize reality, and lead the world. --Lawrence Solomon, Financial Post, 8 August 2015

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