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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Alternative Energy: Destructive Juggernaut of the Green Political/Industrial Complex

By Rich Kozlovich

If you haven't seen this before please let me introduce you to a plan to replace the United States Environmental Protection Agency with a Committee of the Whole of the 50 state environmental protection agencies, utilizing a phased five-year transition period by Dr. Jay Lehr. Dr. Lehr is one of the founders of the USEPA who now believes they're now out of control. Paul Driessen, author and lecturer commented on Mary Kay Barton's article, "America’s big ‘green’ wrecking machines", saying,

"Her county in western New York State is already impacted by 308 monstrous bird-chopping machines, with many dozens more on the way along the Lake Ontario shoreline, and across rural New York State. That’s why residents have banded together to form Save Ontario Shores.

"Ironically, Mary Kay points out, many states outlaw pesticides to protect assorted pollinators–but they keep approving, and even mandating, industrial wind turbines that slaughter pollinators, eagles, and countless other birds and bats. The process enriches a few at the expense of many, sends electricity prices skyrocketing, kills jobs, and does nothing to reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide levels or prevent alleged “dangerous manmade climate change.”

The curtain on the Green political/industrial complex is coming down because the public is finally becoming aware of how insane and destructive the green juggernaut truly is. It’s also clear the public is going to start taking policy matters into their own hands, because waiting for the "leadership" of the nation's media, elected officials, business community and industry trade associations to stand up and firmly place their banner on the top of a hill and say – “this must stop now” - is a Sisyphean task. This can only be accomplished by working to educate the public as to what's actually going on, and how destructive all of this is to society.

John Droz, physicist and head of Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions, has spent a lot of time and effort researching an extraordinary story - as yet unpublished, although I’ve seen the current draft – on how the nation's security (and military capability), is knowingly being undermined right now, by unscientific energy and environmental policies.

We're spending obscene amounts of money on failed systems to produce energy we don't need, and don't work, while preventing us from using successful energy systems we already have. We have lost our way because we're following those who are either traitorous or insane. Green Prospers Because None Dare Call it Treason!

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