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Friday, August 21, 2015

A Willing Suspension of Disbelief

By Bruce Walker

Leftism is a pathology of mendacity. When Obama told us that his grandfather liberated Auschwitz, that was a gratuitous fabrication – he could have honestly stated that his grandfather was part of the army that helped liberate concentration camps in western Germany, but truth means so little to him that inventing the Auschwitz fable pinged no conscience at all. In the same way, when Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton told America that she was named “Hillary” in honor of Sir Edmond Hillary climbing Mt. Everest, even though that happened years after Mrs. Clinton was born, that also was an effortless deception, because to her, truth has value only when it is helpful.

We see in leftism this casual prevarication over and over again. Lois Lerner tells us – and expects us to believe – that her emails were erased with no intent to cover up wrongdoing, just as Mrs. Clinton tells us that the vast number of government records (State Department emails) were destroyed because all the records destroyed had to do with personal matters. Ironically, Mrs. Clinton herself coined a phrase that conservatives should repeat again and again as long as she remains the Democrat frontrunner and she used that phrase in her interrogation of General Petraeus at the end of the Bush presidency, when she told the general that his statements to the Senate committee required “a willing suspension of disbelief.”…..To Read More……

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