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Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Brief Moment Around the World

Posted by Daniel Greenfield on Thursday, January 25, 2007 @ the Sultan Knish blog 2 Comments

As we sweep around the globe from sea to sea and ocean to ocean... coastlines recede... mountains rise out of the air... cities appear filled with glowing motes out of the dusk side of the night side...

In America - Like the greedy boy who put his hand in the cookie jar but can't get it out and doesn't want to let go of it, Democrats are full of schaudenfreunde about Iraq and unsure what to do about it.

They make a good deal of noise about wanting to leave Iraq but leaving Iraq is the last thing they would possibly do. With the 2008 election coming up Democrats firmly believe that their best chance of winning the Presidency is for American soldiers to be dying in the streets of Baghdad while the polls are open. That means keeping the troops where they are while firmly keeping the blame on the Republicans. It means fighting Bush enough on Iraq to make a public statement but without actually forcing a complete withdrawal before election day.

Democrats, whose leadership is heavily composed of baby boomers who started out as college activists like Bill Clinton, are grounded in Vietnam and they very much want Iraq to serve as another Vietnam they can point to.

In Israel - As the net draws tighter around Olmert and his gang, the Katsav trial moves into motion. The only purpose of the phony trial of Israel's President is to desperately create a distraction for the public. Where Bill Clinton bombed to keep attention away from a sex scandal. Kadima has organized a presidential sex scandal to keep attention away from the failed bombing of Hizbullah.

While the Ramon and Katsav sex scandals have garnered sensational attention at home and abroad and redirected some attention from Olmert, they can't hope to really divert the public from the disastrous failure of his government. All they can accomplish is to put on a circus, that will at once further blacken Israel's name internationally... but that is nothing something the Kadima Mafia have ever cared about.

In Russia - "Evidence" of who was responsible for the prominent murders of Putin opponents is unsurprisingly pointing at Putin's opponents, as the current incarnation of the KGB would have you believe. This is a typical Soviet gambit. A typical purge by Stalin would begin with the murder of one of his political enemies, such as Kirov, followed by a show trial which would indict other political enemies for the murder he himself committed. As the former head of the KGB Putin is following in the prominent footsteps of great KGB murderers before him.

More troubling is the great rise in Russian espionage around the world. Arrests of Russian agents have occurred in numerous countries within the last few months alone. They aren't occurring in the US mainly because law enforcement authorities are focused on Islamic terror and ignoring the large scale Chinese industrial espionage that is allowing Chinese companies to clone our products and fuel their booming commercial transformation and the large scale Russian infiltration of America via companies, particularly in the energy industry. Putin's experience running both international trade and the FSB (KGB) positioned him to leverage Russia's energy resources to draw an iron collar around the world turning Russia into a Slavic OPEC.

In Europe - Tension balances on end as Europe approaches its point of destiny. The EU and a massive moribund bureaucracy to be toppled by an encroaching Islamic population or a right wing revolt resulting in a host of nationalist regimes. Both are happening and both are possible as the continent poises on the verge of toppling one way or another. Neither way will be particularly pleasant for the Jews but the Islamic alternative means certain annihilation for Europeans and Jews.

In Asia - The new Muslim ruler of Thailand is taking the Putin approach blaming the overthrown legitimate government that was actually fighting Muslim terrorism for the bombings. After a Muslim general who had been appointed to fight Muslim terrorism overthrew the Thai government with a commitment to "negotiate", the inevitable was of course coming.

..And so the world goes... nations hang in the balance... the planet turns and tomorrow is uncertain and the day after that less so... and so it goes

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