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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Demography Versus Democracy: A Time for Israel to Act?

By Mike Konrad

Israel is losing the world's sympathy because it has allowed a growing Arab demographic time bomb to fester. This has led to charges that millions of Arabs are disenfranchised, a practice which runs counter to the accepted Western paradigm of government.

For a nation that prides itself as the "only democracy in the Mideast," this demographic problem can no longer be ignored.

[T]here is no chance of maintaining over time a situation that will be accepted by the international community in which Israel continues to rule those millions of people and does not allow them to vote for the Knesset.”

When will the day come when the world will treat us as it treated F.W. de Klerk in South Africa? - Ehud Barak, in Ha'aretz, as quoted by Daily Kos (Emphasis theirs)

Israel has effective control over the area between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. Even Gaza's hostile autonomy exists only at Israel's sufferance, while the Israeli navy blockades its seacoast, albeit for security reasons.

The usual answer that Israel enfranchises its Arabs is only partially accurate and ignores that roughly 3.5 Million Arabs (in Judea and Samaria [the West Bank], and Gaza) have no representation in the Israeli Knesset, which ultimately is the government that rules over them, their borders, their population registry, their frontiers, their entrance and exit. If these Arabs were added to Israel-Arabs, and the non-Jews in Israel, some have argued that Jews are now a minority in the area.

Here are the numbers:......To Read More....

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