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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Canadian Politics From the Rebel

Editor's Note: I received this from THEREBLE, an edgy news site out of Canada. All of the links lead to videos so you may wish to take a look. As for the idea that Canadian journalists are going to take an active part in elections - well, I find it refreshing because at the very least they're now being honest. Up until now the mainstream media in the west have been dishonest brokers of information, doing everything in their power to destroy the right and cover up every flaw of the left. They've been "fellow travelers" and agents of the left. So why are they confessing now? I think they're coming into the open because they can't stand the criticism from the internet, which is crushing their credibility. They remind me of Colonel Nathan R. Jessup, the Marine Colonel in A Few Good Men, who “wanted” to tell the world he gave the order for a “code red” and that’s the end of it because only he “knows how to defend a nation”. These media types want to tell the world where they stand and that’s the end of it, because only they know how the world should be run! Well, they’re right....that’s the end of it for them with large segments of the population. Is it any wonder newspapers and the news media as a whole is taking such a massive hit?

"SHOCKING": Journalists' union is registered to campaign in the federal
I talk a lot about Canada's "Media Party," but even I couldn't believe what I saw when I was researching "third party campaigns" on the Elections Canada website.

Those are the groups who aren't political parties, but who want to spend money campaigning and running ads in Canadian elections.  Mostly these are the usual big left wing labour unions, but this time one name stuck out: The Canadian Media Guild.  That's the union representing 6000 journalists, many of whom work for the CBC, TVO and other outlets. So while Guild members are "objectively" reporting on the federal election, their union is campaigning in it -- and for typical left wing causes, of course.

"From theheart"? Justin Trudeau's economic ideas reveal "worldview of asimple-minded spoonfed rich kid"
Brian Lilley Rebel Co-Founder
By now you've probably heard Justin Trudeau's latest gaffe: That he wants to "grow the economy from the heart." What's almost as bad is that the Media Party ran that clip without comment, instead of making fun of Trudeau's remark. Of course, this isn't the first time Trudeau's answer to serious questions has sounded like the musings of a child. Remember how he wanted to fight ISIS with warm clothing? It was actually a Liberal friend who asked me, "Can you imagine this guy sitting across from Vladimir Putin and being taken seriously?

"We shouldhave gone with the astronaut!" Hitler finds out the Liberal campaign isfloundering (SATIRE)
The Rebel Staff
Hitler finds out Justin Trudeau's hand-picked candidate, Eve Adams, was rejected by the Liberals for the Eglinton-Lawrence nomination -- and he's not happy about it!  The bad news about Trudeau's Liberals keeps on coming, leading Hitler to wish the "Shiny Pony" had never been picked as leader.

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