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Friday, August 14, 2015

Election 2016

Lincoln Chafee

5 Things You Should Know About Lincoln Chafee -Although not nearly so crowded as its Republican counterpart, the Democratic field of presidential contenders is growing. On Wednesday, Lincoln Chafee, a former senator and governor of Rhode Island, became the fourth major politician to enter the White House chase as a Democrat. For those who do remember Chafee's career, his entry as a Democrat may be at least a slight surprise. His father, John, was a Republican governor and senator and secretary of the Navy under President Richard Nixon. A great-great-grandfather and a great-great-uncle both also served as Republican governors of Rhode Island. Lincoln Chafee himself had served as a Republican local legislator, mayor of Warwick and senator — all as a Republican. He left his ancestral GOP in September 2007 and won his one term as governor as an independent in 2010.

Chris Christie

Poll: Majority of N.J. voters want Christie to resign as governor - A majority of registered voters in New Jersey wants Chris Christie to step down as governor as he pursues his presidential ambitions, according to a new Rutgers-Eagleton Institute poll.  The Republican governor launched his White House bid in late June and has struggled to advance in the polls since. As Christie continues to campaign in early primary states, voters in New Jersey have accused him of abandoning the state and favor having Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno assume the governorship. According to the poll released Thursday, 54 percent of Garden State voters say Christie should resign as governor now that he has officially announced his candidacy. Along party lines, nearly 70 percent of Democratic voters in the state want the governor to step down while 35 percent of registered Republicans would favor him resigning.

Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz’s recent interview with Katie Couric:

Carly Fiorina

Carly Fiorina Shows How to Address the Left on Climate Change -  In the political battles over climate change, there are three distinct and relevant questions. First, does mankind have a material effect on the Earth’s climate? Second, if mankind does impact the climate, is that impact harmful? And third, if we assume that mankind is harming the environment, will any given American policy or collection of policies have a meaningful beneficial impact? So far, the conservative movement has mainly pushed back on the “scientific consensus” related to the first question — the extent of human influence over the Earth’s climate. To see a textbook example, watch Ted Cruz’s recent interview with Katie Couric earlier this year, when he confronted her with the miserable recent history of environmentalist predictions:.....
Ron Paul
Ron Paul's Foreign Policy of Peace Is Central to the Message of Freedom - Ron Paul's message of peace is a critical component in limiting the power of the state. Unfortunately, few ever question the branch of the state known as "the military" and assume that militarism and empire can be compatible with a free society...

Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders: 'People Are Saying Enough Is Enough'- Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders says that he's getting a boost in the polls because "people are saying enough is enough" when it comes to America's political and economic systems. "A lot of these people are young people, working class people, who understand that both the economics of America today and the politics of America today are rigged in favor of the wealthy and the powerful," Sanders told NBC's Andrea Mitchell in the first interview since a New Hampshire poll showed him with an apparent lead over Hillary Clinton in that key primary state. Sanders said that his momentum is "not just in polls," but also in his burgeoning crowd sizes. Over 20,000 people .....

Agenda for America 12 Steps Forward
1. Rebuilding Our Crumbling Infrastructure
2. Reversing Climate Change
3. Creating Worker Co-ops
4. Growing the Trade Union Movement
5. Raising the Minimum Wage
6. Pay Equity for Women Workers
7. Trade Policies that Benefit American Workers
8. Making College Affordable for All
9. Taking on Wall Street
10. Health Care as a Right for All
11. Protecting the Most Vulnerable Americans
12. Real Tax Reform

Bernie Sanders, Progressive Enemy #1- The ultimate progressive is getting kicked in the teeth by fellow progressives. The presidential campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders was supposed to put leftward pressure on Hillary Clinton. Instead, it’s Sanders who has become the left’s punching bag. Sanders has been sandbagged by Black Lives Matter protesters for not prioritizing solutions for institutional racism, knocked by immigrant advocates for arguing that too much immigration would depress wages and had his bona fides on campaign finance reform challenged by new Democratic party presidential aspirant Lawrence Lessig. Meanwhile, Clinton is getting off light, as she skirts progressive wish list items like restoring Glass-Steagall bank regulations, scuttling the Trans-Pacific Partnership and blocking the Keystone pipeline—issues where Sanders’ aligns strongly with the left. So why can’t Bernie win? To borrow a phrase from Sen. Elizabeth Warren: the game is rigged.
Donald Trump

“Donald Trump: Poster Child of American Decline” - I have written extensively on why Donald Trump is so wrong. Trump has numerous weaknesses –- notably a huge blind spot about the jihad threat, including a disturbing willingness to kowtow to jihadist intimidation and surrender the freedom of speech. The case of Donald Trump is one of the basic freedom of speech, in New York and in America in general. For everyone, not just for the Donald.  What Trump clearly doesn’t understand is that the freedom of speech is the foundation of a free society. Without it, a tyrant can wreak havoc unopposed, while his opponents are silenced.

James Webb
Editor's Note:  Until now I knew almost nothing about Jim Webb and I’m not seeing much about  the former Senator from Virginia on the news, so I went to the “On The Issues” website which lists his positions on Abortion, Budget and Economy, Civil Rights, Corporations, Crime, Drugs, Education.  The only article I found is shown below. 

Presidential Contender Jim Webb Almost Beat a Man to Death, Aide Claims in Book - In a recent book, a former aide to the Democratic presidential contender recalls a belligerent, pugnacious egomaniac who boasted of a violent dustup with a biker. Shop   Former Virginia senator Jim Webb, the latest White House hopeful to enter the Democratic nomination race and challenge 2016 frontrunner Hillary Clinton, would seem at first blush an attractive candidate for Leader of the Free World.  A centrist Democrat and economic populist, Webb, 69, served a single six-year term in the Senate during George W. Bush’s and Barack Obama’s presidencies before leaving politics to think and write; he was a member of the Armed Services and Foreign Relations committees and opposed the American military adventures in Iraq, Libya, and elsewhere.

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