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Thursday, August 27, 2015

American Council on Science and Health

In Dramatic Return, Mets’ Wright Slugs Spinal Stenosis - N.Y. Mets' star, David Wright, returned to the field and announced his recovery from spinal stenosis: by homering in his first at-bat. The mystery of why he came down with this condition is unknown. Sadly, a new report shows that local steroid injections probably won't help people suffering from Wright's condition. Read more.

Cow Cruelty Condoned by Anti-GMO Groups - Dairy cows have to be dehorned by farmers in a cruel but necessary fashion. One scientist, however, is working on a solution: incorporating the genes from a hornless breed into the regular dairy cow. The technique promises to reduce animal cruelty, but since its a GMO, advocates don't like it. Read more.

Help for Vegans Struggling to Go‘Cold Turkey’ - Is meat and dairy an addiction? A group of vegans believe that it is, and like with smoking, harm reduction and gradual cessation may be key to transitioning to this new diet. That's because only 16 percent those seeking to become vegetarians or vegans stick with it. Read more.

8-Glasses-of-Water Myth is All Wet- No, Virginia, you don't have to drink eight glasses of water every day to be healthy. This is a myth that's been handed down for generations. It wasn't true at the start, and it isn't true now. In fact, too much water can be deadly. Read more.

Surprising Group Join Ranks of Binge Drinkers - We usually think about young people as those who frequently go too far with alcohol. While that's true, we often overlook other demographics. A new study points out that 20 percent of senior citizens, those over the age of 65, are also hitting the sauce way too hard. Read more.

Another History-Making Moment for Diabetes - A long-standing controversy with oral hypoglycemic drugs is that, while they lower blood glucose levels, there is little or no evidence that they add years to a patient's life. So, lower glucose levels in type 2 patients have, in effect, been little more than a controversial marker of disease. Until now. Read more.

Britain’s ‘Clean Eating’ is the Latest Foolish Food Fad - The U.S. isn’t the only country with folks providing scatterbrained theories about what people should or shouldn’t eat, and why. We have our Vani Hari (aka the Food Babe), and now it turns out that Britain has its own group of loopy ladies who are also out to lunch. Read more.

Do Beta-Blockers Also Block Ovarian Cancer? - In today's "you never know what is around the corner" department, a surprising story says that beta-blockers—heart drugs that are used to lower blood pressure and slow the heart—may have another use. That would be reducing the toll of ovarian cancer, which is one of the hardest types to treat. Read more.

The False Fear of ‘Toxic Breast Milk,’ by a Skilled Manipulator - Dr. Phillipe Grandjean has a long and well-deserved reputation of being in the forefront of "toxic terror" campaigns. He has launched anxieties about all sorts of fish in our diets, but now he has become a devotee of warning nursing mothers about--of all things--potentially toxic chemicals in breast milk. Read more.

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