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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Senate's Who's Who on Iran!

By Rich Kozlovich

My thanks to Mike Grace for sending this to me. For those who have been following this issue - and have strong opinions on it - you will be interested in seeing the Senators who have taken a stand one way or the other, and those who seem to be unable to take a stand, which normally I would I find more than fascinating, except they’re all members of one party and most of whom have demonstrated over and over agan they're not the brightest pebbles in the brook.  When listening to this group it becomes obvious if you deleted all the logical fallacies, half truths, emotion clabber, lies of ommission and outright lies from their speech they would be unable to speak at all.  

I'm not quite sure how this isn't a treaty, but then again, we are in a post Constitutional era where the Constitution can mean anything the left wants it to mean.  You all remember the Constitution don't you? It used to be the law of the land and the law that governed government!  Hard to believe such a thing could happen – at least until you take into account the left also controls education in this country from kindergarten to post graduate work.  As a result Americans are amazingly ignorant of history.  Everybody’s history, but especially their own, and what they think they know is usually wrong. 

At any rate please take a little time to peruse "The Iran Deal Scorecard".
Oh, one more thing.  It really do think it's time for a 28th Amendment. 

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