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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Casual Infamy (From Down Under)

Renewable Energy Handouts Winding Down - There is a real-world example of what can happen when subsidies are cut and greater scrutiny is applied to renewable energy projects, Read more

ABC’s Media Watch Is A Joke - ABC’s Media Watch is a one-eyed watchdog that sees only what it wants to see. Read more

Wind Farms Need Fossil Fuels For Every Operation - Bill Shorten should have asked a couple of questions before committing Australia to a 50 per cent renewable target. Read more

Shorten’s Renewable Energy Insanity - Does anyone take Bill Shorten seriously any more? He wants to rapidly accelerate Australia’s renewable energy Read more

Greek Lessons On Debt And Deficit - New York Times bestselling author Debbie Ford writes about “living for the now” and asks: “What does being present really mean? Read more

Green Activists Killing Our Reef - Let me ask you this. What status does the Great Barrier Reef enjoy in official international agencies? Is it “at risk”? Read more


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