Monday, March 24, 2014

Why Valerie Jarrett is called 'the de facto president'

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Suppose you were a committed leftist revolutionary who somehow got elected president of center-right America.  Suppose you were great at making speeches, but little else. You masked your socialist agenda in the appealing rhetoric of fairness and justice, but secretly loathed the American system of constitutional government and free-market capitalism.
Suppose you also had developed into a pathological narcissist with an absurdly grandiose view of yourself and almost no tolerance for criticism and disagreement. Suppose your ego was so fragile, your worldview so distorted, your mind so angry beneath your charismatic exterior, and your self-image of being a divinely gifted leader now in danger of disintegrating in the light and heat of mounting geopolitical turmoil and your own stunning failures as president.  Suppose, in short, you were Barack Obama.  To “stay the course” you were on – of forcing hardcore socialism on an unwilling capitalist country, despite mounting cries for you to stop – you would need help. A very special kind of help.......To Read More...

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