Monday, March 31, 2014

The Internet Ain't Broke: Don't Fix It!

By Rich Kozlovich

Currently we have amazing access to information that is unprecedented in human history. I can look up anything I wish without leaving my desk. However, I still refer back to books. The internet as great, but it has limitations and doesn't compare with reading and owning books. But the internet speeds things way up. A few years ago I was working on an article and was spending time at the local library. They had a viewer that allowed me to scan documents from books and magazines by the dozen. I did in two hours that would probably have taken me two weeks to do ordinarily. I thought - wow, does it get any better than this?

Then the internet struck, and the answer was, yes it does get better! But now that's all in jeopardy! And has been in the works since 1997.

In December of 2010 it was “reported the U.N. is considering whether to set up an inter-governmental working group to "harmonize" global efforts by policymakers to regulate the Internet.” Harmonize the internet? What exactly does that mean?

The U.N. claims it should have the authority to “regulate the Internet under a U.N. Economic and Social Council but the real reason they want to "harmonize global efforts" is to make sure what appears on the internet "harmonizes" with leftist narratives and thuggery by stopping the free flow of information. Secondly they will charge for the right to publish anything, or e-mail anything via licensure, and no one will have the right to stop or control them. That would put the world right back were it was when the left wing media controlled all the information we recieved.

In July of 2010 the U.N. passed a resolution to have U.N. secretary-general to begin discussions on coordinating government efforts to regulate the Internet on a global basis.” Now it appears the administration is going along with this.

"On Friday, that agency quietly announced that it wants ICANN to come up with a new governing structure -- one that would be "global" and involve multiple "stakeholders." "This is all about ... separating the Internet from government control," said Cameron Kerry, former general counsel with the Commerce Department. "And the United States is in the strongest position to argue against government control of the Internet if it relinquishes that last little bit of control that it has."

The United States created the internet and has allowed and encouraged its unprecedented growth. Does anyone really think that could have, or would have happened if the U.N. and their thug members had control of it? They didn't create it and wouldn't have created it because they hate it, so why in the name of all that's sane would we want to turn it over to them? 
It ain't broke and there's no need to fix it, so what is the administration's real motive?  To "fundamentally change the way this nation works!"  And that doesn't include capitalism or freedom of speech.  Or for that matter any of the other Constitutional guarantees. 

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