Sunday, March 23, 2014

A New Obama Doctrine?

By Victor Davis Hanson March 18, 2014

Another Jimmy Moment!
 Jimmy Carter was in big trouble. Almost everything he had said or done in foreign policy over the prior three years had failed…... He bragged of an end to our inordinate fear of Soviet-inspired Communism…… We championed Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe over more moderate black reformers….broke with the Shah of Iran…. for a while praised the Ayatollah Khomeini….. Carter’s U.N. ambassador, Andrew Young, called Khomeini “some kind of saint.”….. met secretly with PLO representatives in Kuwait. In an interview, he falsely alleged of his own country that “We still have hundreds of people that I would categorize as political prisoners in our prisons”……..we welcomed the end of the despised Somoza regime and looked to Marxist rebels to provide long-delayed social justice for the region. Carter spurned South Korea, as if North Korean threats were not all that serious.…….He was clearly uncomfortable with Israel…. distanced himself from Europe……But then, in late 1979, things started going downhill fast…..Soviet-inspired Communists were on the rise in Angola, Ethiopia, and Mozambique. Islamists stormed the U.S. embassy in Tehran and took American hostages........Much of Central America was in turmoil. Gas prices soared….. Russians invaded Afghanistan……. American impotence was best summed up by the radical Iranian line, “America can’t do a thing.” Carter was dazed........To Read More......
My Take - If we're ignorant it merely means we don't know.  Since the amount of knowledge the world possesses is so massive - ignorance is the normal state, but ignorance can be fixed. We merely have to make an effort to learn..   Now stupid is a whole other animal!  Stupid can’t be fixed. 
Stupid is founded on two facts. The first one is there simply are some poor people who haven’t enough mental capacity to understand things.  That can’t be fixed, but that, at the very least, can be excused.  They can’t help it!
The other is some people simply refuse to know!   They don’t know because it’s a choice.  If it doesn’t fit their concept of reality, it’s rejected.  And that’s the typical mental state of all leftists.  Leftists have a ‘vision’ of utopia that they - and only they – can see and understand, therefore they’re ‘utopian vision’ must be ‘imposed’ on humanity if humanity is to be happy. 

But truth is the sublime convergence of history and reality!  If they refuse to see “truth” it’s because they twist or ignore history, and any facts that are in conflict with their mythical view of reality are simply rejected.  
The real truth is leftists have been the world’s worst monsters, killing over 100 million innocent people in the twentieth century.  But to them that’s okay, because as their excusers say; ‘you can’t make and omelet without breaking eggs’.   I have always found it strange how their policies to make their subjects happy always include murdering millions of their ‘happy’ subjects. 
When Obama was elected, he was, according to presidential historian and sycophant Michael Beschloss, the smartest president ever to occupy the White House.  He had no real legislative background, except being a rabble rouser ‘community organizer’, never held a real job, never owned a company, and Beschloss – along with the rest of the world were forbidden to see his school records from…..everywhere.  So how did Beschloss know he was so smart?  Because Beschloss is stupid also, and when Beschloss was spewing out his sycophancy I was walking around saying, “he’s was dumb as dirt”, and seemingly intelligent people were stunned….and offended.
Well, it’s abundantly clear he really is dumb as dirt, but how did I know?  Because I didn’t have to see any records, I heard what he was saying, and he was clearly a committed communist!  Whether or not he was a member of the ‘official’ communist party was immaterial.  If it walks like a duck it’s a duck, and if it talks like a communist it’s a communist.   Would it make you feel better if I just said he was a committed ‘socialist’?  Well, communism and fascism are both socialist philosophies. Communism is the left wing of socialism and fascism is the right wing, but they’re two sides of the same coin.   Does that make you feel all better?
Ok, so how does that make him dumb as dirt?  Because we have over 200 years of history, starting with the French Revolution, that central planning and government control of the economy and social structure is disastrous.  For he and his party to espouse causes and policies that are such historical failures demonstrate inordinate stupidity or insanity – or both!

And now everyone is so shocked to find he's dumb as dirt.  What I'm shocked at is how many stupid people are out there.  He's duplicating all the failures of Jimmy Carter, but he's only doing what he said he was going to do.  That's what made so many stupid.   He spouted socialism, and they saw utopia. 

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