Saturday, March 22, 2014

Opposing Voter ID Laws in the Name of Race Is Insulting to Minorities

By David Limbaugh March 21, 2014

 This is a headline we should never see in the United States:

"Federal Judge: Yes, Arizona and Kansas Can Require Voters To Prove Their Citizenship." 

The fact that this issue would be disputed at all is astonishing. That it is legally contested is stunning. That the prime mover in initiating the legal challenge is our own federal government........horrendously naive people take these leftists at their word that they believe voter fraud is a "rare" phenomenon, even though 46 states have prosecuted cases of voter fraud since 2000. Do you think they don't know about the pernicious activities of ACORN, with which they were joined at the hip?

Some people…..believe initiatives for voter-ID laws are being driven by "racist" conservatives…….. This, too, is maliciously twisted thinking……Democrats need look no further than their own consistent efforts
to suppress the military vote....... Georgia implemented its voter-ID law in 2007……the state saw an increase in minority voter participation in the next two election cycles...... [for] this bunch…..everything is about politics….the end justifies any means……..and so they will pursue it…  at the expense of the integrity of the system......
how could you conceivably argue that it is racist to require that all voters prove their identity as a condition to voting? If anything racist is involved here, it is in the suggestion that minorities are too incompetent to furnish their IDs. - See more at:

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