Friday, March 21, 2014

“We Are Giving Ourselves Cancer” debunked, part deux.

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On January 30th, an op-ed in the NYTimes by Drs. Redberg and Smith-Bindman made the assertion noted in this title. We addressed it skeptically, the nicest term for our skewering of the numerous fallacies contained therein. (Several letters to the editor of the Times agreed in the main with our point of view, including one from the President of the American College of Emergency Physicians). Most annoyingly, the co-authors — both clinicians — ignored the specter of defensive medicine that stalks ERs, thanks to predatory plaintiff’s lawyers second-guessing every decision, using the 20/20 retrospectroscope.

So it was gratifying to see a dialogue under the auspices of Medscape, in which the expert interviewer was Dr. Robert Glatter, Director of Sports Medicine and Traumatic Brain Injury, Department of Emergency Medicine, Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. He discussed the assertions and ramifications of the Redberg-Smith-Bindman op-ed with Dr. David Schwartz, Professor of Emergency Medicine at New York University School of Medicine, and also a specialist in diagnostic imaging and emergency radiology......To Read More.....

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