Thursday, March 20, 2014

Late Democratic senator's warning haunts his party from beyond the grave

By Noemie Emery | MARCH 18, 2014

Thirteen years after leaving the Senate, (and 11 years after his death), Daniel Patrick Moynihan won his most recent election last week in Florida’s 13th Congressional District, and he may win many more in the fall.

Great measures don't pass by narrow majorities, he told Hillary Clinton when she tried to sell health care, they pass by wide margins, or fail. He meant that big bills need public opinion behind them, or they are in danger....... Democrats, some of whom had to be forced to vote "aye" with a cattle prod, are understandably furious, but there’s not very much they can say. They can’t say it’s good, as the facts are against them, and they can’t say it’s bad either, as the question of why they voted for and then pushed it comes up.

The answer to this has just two explanations: They passed the bill without having bothered to find out was in it, and they trusted Obama, who lied. Neither speaks well of them and their party, but no other options present themselves.....To Read More.....

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