Friday, March 21, 2014

Despite outrageous school spending, students actually dumber than in 1972

Robby Soave 03/20/2014

The amount of money that the American taxpayers have been forced to spend on public schools has more than doubled in the last few years — even though such spending has had no demonstrable impact on students’ intelligence levels, a bombshell new study found.

On average, student academic performance actually declined slightly over the last 40 years — an astonishing fact, given the huge amount of money spent on public education...... spending and standardized test scores between 1972 and 2012…..Test scores, however, were hardly affected — and even fell in many states.

Virginia..... spent 120 percent more on public education in 2009 than it did in 1972. But its student's average test scores — when adjusted for demographic changes — fell by about three percent…….Readers can see how expensive –and underwhelming — public education is in each of the 50 states here......To read more:

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