Sunday, March 23, 2014

Subversive green

Paul Taylor March 23, 2014

The usual “progressive” green suspects, including the Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth and, have sent a letter to Pres. Obama urging him to require a petty, partisan Keystone-XL-style environmental review, with similar needless delays, for the proposed Cove Point, Maryland liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminal. The typical hyperbolic eco-rhetoric is calculated to fund raise and rev up the eco-groups’ obstructive activist bases without any patriotic consideration for greater American prosperity or energy independence.

Recent geopolitical adventures and energy competition have leaders across the political spectrum focused on LNG exports as a strategy for countering Russian leverage over its European energy buyers in the aftermath of President Putin’s seizure of Crimea. Moderate commentary identifies the Keystone XL pipeline is the wrong battle for environmentalists, and that eco-groups objecting to LNG exports now is an even more perverse and subversive green obstruction…….To Read More……

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