Wednesday, March 19, 2014

“Can Anyone Understand Liberals?”

Written on Monday, March 17, 2014 by David Risselada

Over the past few months, as liberals have realized just what a colossal failure their “guide to Utopia” has been, they have become increasingly angry and irate. Vicious attacks against right wing writers have become more and more common as we have seized the opportunity to educate any who would listen on the failures of socialism. Yours truly has attracted a couple of his own special commentators’ here at The Save America Foundation. You know you have gotten under the skin of some irritated, basement liberal when they specifically target you in that manner.

It is difficult to understand what they are so angry about, after all we didn’t vote for Obama nor did we support the immense failure that is the Affordable Care Act, so we are not responsible for liberals who may have lost their health care. Is it possible that liberals are so angry because even Chris “chill running up his leg”Matthews admits that the Democrats are likely to lose the senate over the health care issue? Or how about the fact that their anti-gun cultural change agent, Piers Morgan, was fired from CNN?....... how embarrassing it must have been to watch a liberal congress woman demonstrate exactly how ignorant she is by claiming the Constitution is four hundred years old.......Couple this with a presidential candidate who thinks there are 57 states and Democrat congressmen who admit they don’t read legislation before voting on it and you’re approaching a Utopian paradise........Read the rest.......

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