Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sovaldi—$84,000 and still quite a bargain

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In the “no good deed goes unpunished” department, California’s Gilead Sciences has come under attack by Congressman Henry Waxman—a perennial critic of the drug industry. In this case, the issue is the price of Gilead’s Sovaldi—one of the most revolutionary new drugs to come along in some time.

 ACSH advisor Dr. David Shlaes, an expert on infectious diseases, and the author of the blog Antibiotics – The Perfect Storm, has plenty to say about this. In comparing Sovaldi to the previous standard of care, Shlaes says, “I was infuriated to read Andy Pollack’s report of congressional self-righteousness on the topic of Gilead’s pricing for a new, less toxic, more effective and shorter therapy for chronic Hepatitis C infection.”…..Shlaes emphasizes, “Compared to oncology drugs (most of them), treatment with Solvadi or antibiotics against bacterial infection result in CURE! Not ongoing therapy forever, not in a few months of additional life in the hospital or hospice but CURE!”

 We highly recommend that you read his entire blog entry on this subject…..To Read More....

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