Monday, March 31, 2014

Why and How I’m Celebrating Human Achievement Hour

By Marlo Lewis on March 29, 2014

“Better to light one incandescent bulb than curse the darkness”  Tonight is Human Achievement Hour, a time to celebrate human progress and the market institutions that facilitate and protect it. It’s also a time to laugh at the regressive ideology that implores us to turn out the lights to honor the Earth. Hence the wonderful acronym for our cheerful occasion: HAH!  Our friends at CFACT nail the contrast between our event and the other team’s when they proclaim: “It’s always Earth Hour in North Korea.”

HAH is an alternative and antidote to Earth Hour, the premise of which that carbon-based energy is bad for people and the planet. That’s about as wrong-headed about the big picture as one can get.....To Read More.....
My Take - Somehow I missed this whole  Earth Day thing on Saturday. Normally I turn on every light inside and outside of the house, and leave them on all evening.   

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