Thursday, March 20, 2014

On global warming alarmism as a religion

By Michael Barone | MARCH 18, 2014

Is global warming alarmism a form of religion? It contains a catechism (“the science is settled”), it is based on dogma (global warming will inevitably bring disaster) and it even allows you to buy indulgences to compensate for your sins (carbon offsets for your private jet travel). Plus it seeks to criminalize heretics, as Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit links to this little news story about a philosophy professor who wants global warming “deniers” to be subject to criminal prosecution. He doesn't go so far, however, as to advocate burning at the stake: that would produce carbon emissions, after all.

President Obama and John Kerry have said that the Russians in Crimea have been behaving as if they are in the 19th century. Global warming alarmists strike me as something out of the 17th century.....This Appeared Here....


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