Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Celebrating Voter Fraud

March 25, 2014 by Matthew Vadum 4 Comments

Cincinnati-area Democrats made headlines last week when they embraced one of their own, serial vote fraud offender Melowese Richardson, after getting her released early from prison.

At a “voting rights” rally, National Action Network…..celebrated criminal overachiever Richardson who was sentenced ……for multiple counts of fraudulently casting ballots. Richardson had bragged that she voted twice in the 2012 presidential election. She also voted illegally in three elections by using the names of others …….

Some Americans believe they are entitled to vote more than once in order to exact revenge against a society they feel did them or their ancestors wrong. Some left-wingers say that election fraud is justifiable because in a sense it compensates the poor for having little political power. This attitude dominated the leadership of the now-defunct Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN)……“There’s absolutely no intent on my part to commit voter fraud,” said Richardson, whose unlawfully cast ballots canceled out lawful ballots and thereby deprived other citizens of their right to vote……Soros also helped to underwrite Richardson’s legal defense and contributed to an advocacy group in which she was involved. ……Richardson is active in an ACORN-like Cincinnati-based activist group called Communities United for Action.

Federal law, Adams notes, makes it a felony to vote more than once for president in a given election. Under federal law Richardson could receive a prison term of 25 years for voting six times for Obama…..To Read More…..
My Take - Well, all I can say is how proud I am of Melowese for not intending to commit a crime.  She must have voted all those times by accident.  Right?   
Also, should I conclude she admits she did commit a crime with that statement?  Right! 
And of course she's repenting for her sins.  Right?  The word repent means to 'turn about', and correct the bad behavior, and I feel assured she would never....never....do such a thing again.  Right?
You know, I often wonder if people really have a clue as to what they're really saying.  I wonder even more if society has a clue.  What I would really like to know is this.  Perhaps I missed it in the article, but how did Richardson get out of jail so soon?  She should have had to wait at least until October.  That way as a truly caring, concerned citizen devoted to helping the infirm, and the weak, she would still get out in time to exercize her "rights" to vote, again, and again........ but only for those who getting to the polls is a burden like her comotose sister.   

That's why the left is celebrating her release. Her concern for the weak and infirm.  Wow!  What a trooper! 

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