Monday, March 31, 2014

'God's Not Dead': He's brilliant box office

Exclusive: Lord Monckton urges Americans to go see 'intelligent, inspiring movie'

 Now for some good news. “God’s Not Dead,” the latest in a long and honorable tradition of inspirational faith movies, has been a stunning hit at the box office in its first week.  Though it opened on March 21 in only 780 theaters, it was the fifth-highest grosser of the week, beaten only by four movies that opened in at least 3,000 theaters each.

If you haven’t seen “God’s Not Dead” yet, then hunt down one of the few theaters open-minded enough to screen it and bring the family. It’s rated as suitable for everyone 12 years old and up.  If your local theater is not yet screening “God’s Not Dead,” ask the management to get with the picture. Though the Hollywood chattering classes and the news media are all too often not just un-Christian but actively anti-Christian, they all like to make money. Tell them God is brilliant box office……Three decades ago, Allan Bloom, in his seminal book, “The Closing of the American Mind,” pointed out that “political correctness” was a euphemism for the stupidest form of stubborn, organized intolerance of dissent.Here is a moving comment from one of the commenters at WND:

“I went to a liberal college in Oregon. I had several professors that had made claims similar to the one that was made in this movie. These professors refused to allow us to challenge them in class and threatened to remove us from the class if we offered any dissent.”.......“It is unfortunate that most professors are only accepted into these universities as long as they have the same views as those peers whom they seek to impress. This type of stonewalling is typical of most colleges and universities in the U.S.”

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