Thursday, March 20, 2014

Environmental groups tell Obama natural gas exports undermine climate goals

Zack Colman

Energy Department,Russia,Climate Change,PennAve,Energy and Environment,Fracking,Zack Colman,Natural Gas,UkrEnvironmental groups fired a shot Tuesday in the growing discussion about natural gas exports as they urged President Obama to block new export terminals on climate change grounds.  mThe flashpoint is a $3.8 billion Dominion Resources-proposed export facility in Cove Point, Md., on the Chesapeake Bay, which the groups are rallying to prevent as a burgeoning effort to prohibit exports of fossil fuels.  "The truth is that Cove Point, like other proposed [liquefied natural gas] export terminals, will raise U.S. gas prices -- harming virtually all Americans -- while becoming a historic catalyst for more fracking across the Mid-Atlantic and triggering a huge new pulse of climate pollution," wrote the 16 groups, which included the Sierra Club, Earthjustice and Environmental Action....... To Read More....

My Take - Well, if the Sierra Club, Earthjustice and Environmental Action are for some action or another we know a couple of things.  It's irrational, misantropic and morally defective - and rational people are, or should be against it. 

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