Tuesday, March 25, 2014

'10,000 schoolgirls' victims of U.K. sex gangs

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Under pressure from political correctness, authorities have allowed Muslim pedophile gangs in the United Kingdom to groom underage girls for sexual abuse for decades, victimizing as many as 10,000 schoolgirls, according to a report by an organization calling for an investigation.

“What we believe is required is a full-scale public inquiry,” the Law and Freedom Foundation said in the conclusion of its 300-plus page report, “Easy Meat: Multiculturalism, Islam and Child Sex Slavery.”

The group said the public inquiry “must look into the failures of national agencies, child-care charities, and academics to study this problem.”

“The inquiry must look into what police forces knew and when they knew these things. Is it true that Lancashire police knew about grooming gang activities in the 1970s? How much information did they have, and how credible was it? Why has the problem of the grooming of Sikh girls by these gangs been kept off the national agenda from 1988 to 2013? Did Islamic fundamentalist organizations encourage Muslim men to go out and deceive and groom non-Muslim women?”  ....To Read More....... 

My Take - We must come to understand that Political Correctness isn't about hurt feelings and inclusion.  It's about attacking and destroying us with our own values.  It's about destroying the moral foundation, values and principles that made the west great - Judiac/Christian principles. 

And what will they replace those values with after they succeed?  A godlike, all powerful, all seeing, all knowing state with no moral foundation what so ever,  other than that which is convenient or what the elite rulers leftism always creates might like on any given day.  

They willingly throw these poor young children to these ravenous wolves, and not one person in authroity has the courage to stand up and stop it.  From the French Revolution on we have overwhelming historical evidence of the human suffering, misery and destruction caused by the left.  They demand power in order to bring about a godless utopia.  What they deliver is godless dystopia.  Since this is what has happened everytime, everywhere throughout history the question remains; why is that so hard to grasp?  

By willingly accepting all the propaganda from the left while refusing to learn the history of these people, and refusing to see what is going on before our very eyes isn't ignorance.  It's stupidity, and stupid can't be fixed. 

However - perhaps we can fix stupid one step at a time. 

Lesson One - Everything the left says is a lie.  Not necessarily lies of commission, which they are guilty of to a large degree, but mostly lies of omission.  Understanding this is foundational to fixing stupid!

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