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Friday, December 20, 2013

The Conservative Fairy Tale That Won’t Go Away

December 19, 2013 by Colin Flaherty
NPR cannot make up its mind whether the Knockout Game is an “old phenomenon with fresh branding,” or just a conservative fairy tale.  Meanwhile, victims, witnesses, videos and stories of racial violence continue to pour forth.  At least one from an NPR employee, John Hingsbergen:
“Folks, as a Program Director at an NPR station, I don’t usually get involved in discussions like this, but I have personal experience with this so-called game,” Hingsbergen said in the comments section of an NPR blog on race called Code Switch. “It was this past May, just a block from the Hilton Garden Inn on First St, N.E. While I was taking a brief walk around the area, within sight of the hotel and with plenty of other people on the sidewalk, a teenager walked up to me smacked me on the side of the head. Thankfully, he was not strong enough to ‘knock out’ this 60+ year old so all I did was spin around, only to see him take off running to the other side of the street to join two companions who were laughing as if it was the most hilarious thing they’d ever seen.”…..Read More »

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