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Sunday, December 22, 2013

‘Worst ever’ home schooling bill withdrawn in Ohio

By Maggie Thurber for Ohio Watchdog / December 20, 2013
Ohio Sen. Capri Cafaro decided to withdraw a controversial homeschooling bill requiring background checks on parents.  After coming under fire for what many were calling the “worst ever” home schooling bill, an Ohio state senator has decided to withdraw a controversial bill that would have required background checks for parents who decided to home-school their children.  Sen. Capri Cafaro, D-Hubbard, announced her decision to pull Senate Bill 248, also known as Teddy’s Law, late Thursday.
“SB 248 was never meant to be a policy debate about educating children in the home. It was meant to address weaknesses in the law pertaining to child protection. Unfortunately, the true intent of the bill to curtail child abuse has been eclipsed by the issue of home schooling.".....The language in the bill would have required all parents who home-school to undergo a social services investigation, including interviews and background checks, to determine if home schooling would be permitted. If parents didn’t pass the investigation, an ‘intervention’ would be recommended before further consideration of their request to home-school.......Cafaro also requested field hearings next year to address child welfare in Ohio.....To Read More....
My Take - People who know Carfaro and think she's “really a nice person”. I think she's a left wing loon. This has nothing to do with 'weaknesses in the law pertaining to child protection'. This is all about public teachers unions and their lock on the public's purse strings and leftists desires to control everything and undermining parental rights.
These people just refuse to get it. Children belong....yes the parents when it comes to decisions as for what's best for them. Not the state. The state has a role, but it should always be a 'big way in the back row’ secondary one to parental rights.
When they push the 'it's for the children' mantra - you had better look real closely at what is really going on, and that's what leftists do when trying to grab societies heart strings.  Name the bill after a kid. 
This reminds me of Jarod's law. Initially it started out as an equipment safety issue because a kid named Jarod was killed on a supposedly faulty piece of school equipment in a Cincinnati school.  Before it was done it turned into a gigantic bill that fulfilled every insane environmentalist’s wish list.  Fortunately when it was found out how much this insane bill was going to cost the schools it was repealed.  And done so with two questions that were asked over and over again by the chairman of the House committee reviewing this bill; did you know this or that provision was going to cost this much?  The answer was always – no!  Then the ultimate question; what exactly were these provisions supposed to fix?  The answer was always the same.  Either silence or, ‘I don’t know’.    
I asked everyone this question.  How many children has this happened to in the last 25 years?  One!  So I expanded it to include the last 50 years.  The answer was the same.  One!  So that one tragic death justified the state overturning local authority in all 88 counties of the state of Ohio because of one tragic event in 50 years?   
I put Carfaro’s efforts in the same category.  Before Teddy’s Law made it through the legislature this would been filled with every leftist’s dream list of regulations and impediments undermining parental authority.
One more thing.  Carfaro is Catholic.  Since the Democratic party strives for unrestricted abortion, and abortion 'rights' is a plank in the Democratic platform, I wonder how she can be a Democrat and not be a heretic?  Even if she personally is against abortion. how can she justify attempting to keep them in power by being elected as a member of an organization that is devoted to a point of insanity on the subject?  

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