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Friday, December 20, 2013

Slaughter of Christian Women and Children in Muslim Lands

December 19, 2013 by Raymond Ibrahim
Two of the most tragic Islamic attacks on Christians, killing several women and children, took place in the month of October, one in Syria another in Egypt. On October 21 in Syria, the U.S.-supported Islamic rebels invaded and occupied the ancient Christian settlement of Sadad for over a week, till ousted by the military. During that week, “the largest massacre of Christians in Syria,” in the words of Orthodox Archbishop Alnemeh, took place. Among other things, 45 Christians—including women and children—were killed, several tortured to death; mass graves were discovered; all of Sadad’s 14 churches, some ancient, were ransacked and destroyed; the bodies of six people from one family, ranging from ages 16 to 90, were found buried at the bottom of a well (an increasingly common fate for “subhuman” Christians).
The jihadis even made a graphic video (with English subtitles) of those whom they massacred, while shouting Islam’s victory-cry, “Allahu Akbar” (or “Allah is greater,” which John McCain [Editor’s Note: John McCain is a disgrace is has been for most of his life.  I’m beginning to believe those stories that challenge the narrative about his ‘legendary’ struggles as a Vietnam POW.] equated to a Christian saying “thank God”). Another video, made after Sadad was liberated, shows more graphic atrocities.……..Read More »

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