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Sunday, December 22, 2013

The anatomy of politics

Researchers say our genes shape our political views - New study shows that our political beliefs may be hard-wired into our DNA - Researchers surveyed 682 pairs of fraternal twins and identical twins to answer nature versus nurture questions - They found that our DNA shapes 56% of our political ideology
By Daily Mail Reporter 21 December 2013
Biology may not be destiny but it does shape who we vote for.   A new study has found that our political attitudes are hard-wired into our DNA, with 56 per cent of each belief influenced by our genes.  Individual experiences, upbringing and other social influences explain the remaining variation in our left or right-wing orientation, according to the study. Voting patterns: New research has found that our genes shape our political beliefs and orientation  'We've tended to think of political attitudes and behaviors as being rooted in the environment,' study co-author Dr. Kevin Smith, a political scientist at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, told HuffPost Science.....For the study, published in this month's Political Psychology journal, researchers surveyed 682 pairs of middle-aged twins, all recruited from a large database called the Minnesota Twin Registry.....To Read More......

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