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Sunday, December 15, 2013

This Week With Andrew C. McCarthy

Raising a Jihadi Generation
A while back, my friend John Guandolo, a marine combat veteran and former FBI counterterrorism agent, had an important idea.
The Obama administration had recently purged the instructional materials used to train our government’s national security agents – law-enforcement, intelligence and military – about the threat posed by Muslim jihadists. Under the new training, the threat would no longer be recognizable…..Instead, it is “violent extremism,” disconnected from any identifiable belief system – and, the administration cannot emphasize enough, having absolutely nothing to do with Islam … something a young agent better understand if he or she harbors any hope of being promoted up the ranks.
Of course, our enemies have no hesitation about announcing their intention to conquer America and the West, or about their conviction that seeking this conquest is an Islamic obligation imposed by very clear scripture. What’s more, this interpretation of scripture – Islamic supremacism – is the dynamic, preponderant Islam of the Middle East. True, only a small percentage of Muslims make the final, logical leap into terrorist aggression; but a majority of Middle Eastern Muslims – a substantial majority in several Islamic countries – construe Islam to require imposition of the repressive sharia societal system and all it entails. That means institutionalized discrimination against women and non-Muslims; rampant anti-Semitism; hostility to individual liberty; disdain for Western culture; cruel punishments; and endorsement of violence against perceived enemies under the guise of advancing Islam’s dominions…...Follow the link in the title to read more….

The Nineties taught us it’s not guilt that matters; it’s political will.
By Andrew C. McCarthy
Well whaddya know: The topic of impeachment reared its head at a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday.
Jonathan Strong’s report here at NRO noted the wincing consternation of GOP-leadership aides at utterances of the “i-word” during the testimony of prominent legal experts. For the Republican establishment, it seems, history begins and ends in the 1990s: No matter how times have perilously changed, any talk of shutdowns or impeachment is bad, bad, bad. Yes, the Obama “uber-presidency,” as left-of-center law professor Jonathan Turley called it, has enveloped the nation in what he conceded is “the most serious constitutional crisis . . . of my lifetime,” but GOP strategists would just as soon have us chattering about immigration “reform” and bravely balancing the federal budget by, oh, around 2040……Not only is impeachment the intended constitutional remedy for systematic presidential lawlessness; it is, practically speaking, the only remedy.
It is beyond cavil that the president is willfully undermining the constitutional system that he swore to preserve, protect, and defend. He presumes to rewrite, and dramatically alter, the laws he vowed to execute faithfully — not once in a blue moon but as a deliberate scheme of governance…..Follow the link in the title to read more…..

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