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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Wendy Davis calls Texas toxic, reveals favorite charity is Neiman Marcus.

By emily 17/12/2013
I typically charge for my sage wisdom on campaign communications strategy, but sometimes, a candidate is obviously in such dire need of help that I simply cannot abide not offering free advice. Case on point? Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis, who is stumbling haplessly through what appears to be an audition for a reality show on the Lifetime network rather than a legitimate race for governor of a state with an GDP greater than most European nations.
Whether it’s gleefully claiming that she’s pro-life because she cares for children once they’ve been medically separated from their mothers uterus, or embellishing her decidedly middle-class upbringing to engender trust in her faux compassion for Texas’s poor, or making the always-solid decision to run on a platform banning firearms in Texas, Wendy’s had a real streak of winning ideas. But none may be so bold as her more recent declaration, at a cozy SoHo cocktail party in NYC : that the state she wants to lead is a toxic cesspool.- See more at:

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