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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Victory Requires Study of our Enemies

Nick Adams
Too many conservatives insist they turn the television off when President Obama speaks. Or change the channel. Watch Chris Matthews? No way.  The sentiments can be sympathized with, but the war can’t be won with that attitude.  Conservatives are not going to help win the culture war by tuning out and canceling their cable. Conservatives are not going to help win by not studying the Left, and fighting them on their territory.
I have studied the Left for as long as I can remember.  I have read and studied leftist shows, movies, anchors, writers. I’ve read their journals. I read their articles. I hate it but I do it.  And as a result, I know how they breathe. How they think. What they plan to do. How they morph their agenda to get what they need done. And I spend every waking minute trying to fight them every step of the way…….  We are fighting to save America. You need to know the enemy.  In order to save America, we need to fight on the territory on which the Left is swinging its battle axes into the foundations of the nation.……Read more at

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