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Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Rule of Petty Bureaucrats

What will political correctness come up with next? Look to Britain. 

 By John Fund December 13, 2013 

London – Americans can’t really snigger about political correctness in other countries too much. After all, this week a six-year-old Colorado boy was accused of sexual harassment for kissing a fellow student on the hand. He was suspended and the incident will be entered on his record. But a three-day trip to Britain has convinced me that the country that gave the world Adam Smith, John Stuart Mill’s On Liberty, and free trade has gone far beyond us in kowtowing to political correctness. (Or is the use of “kowtowing” now impermissible?)..............To Read More...

My Take - We have lost our minds. There are two things that are startlingly clear. Bureaucracies need to be eliminated, and judges need to be term limited. .

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