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Monday, December 16, 2013

10 Reasons to Vote Against the Murray-Ryan Giant Spending and Deficit Increase

By Michael Hammond (Diary) | December 14th, 2013

(1) It increases spending by over $59 billion dollars.
(2) It increases he deficit by over $45 billion dollars.
(3) It raises taxes in order to raise spending. .
(4) The increased spending will be spent on Democratic priorities which will explode in out-years.
(5) The Murray-Ryan budget purports to be "frugal" only because of "Obamacare-style accounting.
(6) A vote for the Murray-Ryan budget is a vote to fund Obamacare, no matter what.
(7) The Murray-Ryan budget would remove a point of order which has been used to object to new spending.
(8) For foreign policy hawks, the bill would slash military colas.
(9) The Murray-Ryan budget will change the national discussion - to immigration reform, minimum wage increases, and gun control.
(10) Harry Reid just destroyed he Senate as an institution, and should not be rewarded for his fraud. …..To Read The Details……

To quote Speaker John Boehner: “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????”

My Take - I have waited to see if anyone would pick up on this, but apparently no one has.  When Boehner lambasted conservative groups for criticizing a budget they hadn't seen I noticed one important fact.  I didn't criticize them for being factually wrong.  Why?  Because the information had been leaked ahead of time - spoiling his Sanhedrin moment -  and as it turned out, they were factually and philosophically spot on.  Just a thought. 

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